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Wooden Spoon

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wooden spoon is a spoon that is used for stirring sauces, batters, stir fry dishes, soups  and for mixing ingredients in cooking. It is made of food grade  wood and has a long handle. Every chef or cook must have one in their kitchen and they come in various sizes depending on your needs. 

Non-wooden spoons (metal spoons especially) are far more likely to scratch up the bottoms and sides of your pots and pans. For non-stick surfaces this is extremely problematic as food will start to stick to the bottom, making it more difficult to cook on the pans and clean them afterwards. Eventually you may just end up throwing the pot or pan out. Wooden spoons however are naturally soft and won’t scratch the finish on a non-stick pan or ruin the surface of cast iron/stainless steel pans, ensuring a long life of happy cooking. Anyone who spends enough time in the kitchen knows that sometimes one of the most important ingredients in any dish is a little elbow grease. A good stir, flip or scrape allows all the contents to get the attention they need for balanced heat and flavouring, especially when sauces are involved. Wooden spoons give you a firm strong handle to hold, making stirring easier and more effective­–and without any fear of the handle breaking. 

Wooden spoons are non-reactive, which means that the wood won’t adversely react with the acids in some foods or leave a nasty, metallic taste, like metal spoons often tend to do. Over time, plastic spoons can start to break down at the edges. This can result in leaving tiny pieces of plastic in the pan which isn’t at all appetizing. To ensure the purity of any recipe, there really is no substitute like wooden spoons or other wooden utensils for that matter.

 Wooden spoons won’t alter the cooking temperature

Believe it or not some spoons will actually absorb heat, and as a result, change the temperature of what you are cooking. This can be very problematic when you are cooking something that requires precise temperatures. It can mess with consistency, taste and in some cases completely ruin the dish. Wooden spoons are insulated so foods or recipes that may be sensitive to sudden temperature changes won’t be affected when you use them.

Item-Wooden Spoon 

Material-Wood which is great for environment 

Care-Dishwasher safe or hand wash soapy hot water 

Sizes-Available in 3 sizes 25cm, 35cm and 50cm 

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