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Stainless Steel Basting Spoon Perforated

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 The perforated Spoon  design is for serving dishes where you need to drain the liquid when serving. They are also used in cooking for better stirring of liquids, with the holes allowing liquid to pass through and mix more evenly. Used in every commercial kitchen and serious home kitchen it is a chefs essential tool. Whether poaching eggs, stirring soups, salads, fruit salads  and serving table dishes. 

With a wide, perforated bowl, it offers plenty of surface area for stirring and the perforated design keeps liquids off of your guests' plates when serving. At the same time, this bowl ends in a point to easily reach into corners of pots, pans, food pans, and serving bowls, capturing product quickly and easily. With this spoon, you'll be able to stir and serve anything from thin sauces to thick, hearty antipasto salad.

This spoon features a highly-polished, 18/8 stainless steel construction. It's perfect for back-of-house tasks so your staff can quickly and expertly assemble delicious meals. It is also great for use on your buffet line. The sturdy construction won't bend under standard use, yet the economical design makes it ideal for high volume applications.It's great for stirring a classic chicken noodle soup, or for scooping fried calamari out of a pan of oil. At the end of the night, simply hang it on the wall using the hole on the end of the handle.

Material-Stainless Steel

Uses- Cafes, Restaurants, Hotel kitchens, Food production & Manufacturing, 

Care-Dishwasher safe or hand wash 

Applications-Commercial and domestic home use 

Sizes -Available in 3 sizes to suit your needs 

Delivery-Fast shipping Australia Wide