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Princesa Arcoroc Wine Glass 230ml/ 8oz H4058 Tempered Glassware

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The Princesa Wine Glass is a versatile toughened glass that is tempered and designed for high turnover functions, parties and venues. This versatile glass holds 230mls and can be used for both Red and White Wine. It is made by famous French Glassmaker Arcoroc and features in all major licensed venues throughout the world. Ideal for hotels, nightclubs, sports bars, AIRBNB homes, pubs and taverns, restaurants and of course the family home bar should also be stocked as they are great for large family gatherings because of the strength. The Glass is dishwasher and glasswasher safe and is shock and heat resistant. The glass features a 150ml pour line mark that helps staff make the correct pour and ensures customer satisfaction. It is not only cost effective but also shows responsible serving of alcohol.

Item-Wine Glass 230ml With 150ml Plimsol Pourline Code-

Product Features:

-Clear Glass Material With Pourline
• Classic stem wine glass
• Material: Tempered glass
• Dishwasher safe
• Offers up to 5 times more resistance than an untreated item
• Glass breaks into blunt fragments if shattered
• Shock and heat resistant
• Suitable for commercial use

Brand: Arcoroc Collection- Princesa 

Printing-Logo printing is available on request. Please email your brand or image and we can help design your glass with style. 

Product Help: Arc Fully Tempered Glass

• Height: 175mm
• Diameter: 74mm
• Volume: 230ml
• Weight: 158g
• Pack Weight: 1.87kg
• Rim Diameter: 68mm
• Base Diameter: 68mm

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