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Measuring Cup Set Stainless Steel 4 Pce 60-250ml

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There is no home kitchen cook or chef that does not need a set of measuring cups. Ensure your recipe is on spot and tastes delicious by ensuring correct ingredient measures. 

 Measuring Cup Set 4 piece (1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup) Essential for cooking and baking, our sturdy stainless-steel measuring cups and spoons are scientifically calibrated for accuracy. cups will allow you to measure out ingredients quickly and efficiently, whether you're measuring out sugar for a cake or rice for the dinner rush.

Item- Measuring Cup Set Round with Ring to hold set together

Material- Stainless Steel Silver colour

Applications- Domestic home use or Hospitality and Food Industry-

Cup Measurements-1/4, 1/3,1/2 and 1 Cup 

Care-Dishwasher safe or warm hand wash

Delivery-Fast shipping Australia Wide and New Zealand 

Pick up-Non contact pick up available