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Hands On® French Fry Cutter Steel With Four Blades Grey Table Mounted On Suction Cups

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Rapidly slice whole potatoes using the Hands On® French Fry Cutter to make perfect french fries!

With its cast iron construction and handle, this resilient cutter boasts rust resistance and simple cleaning. Additionally, the substantial weight of this material guarantees stability. The cutter comes equipped with 3 blades and 1 wedger that can be easily attached and changed. To operate, just position a potato on the shield situated between the push block and the blade frame. Next, with a single, quick motion, pull the handle towards the blade, effectively pushing the potato through, resulting in even sliced fries or wedges.

As a bonus, we have included the 7mm, 10mm, 13mm and 8-Wedge Blade. The stainless steel construction not only simplifies the cleaning process post-use but also guarantees the blade’s enduring strength and sharpness as it effortlessly slices through your potato. You’ll find four screw holes included, allowing you to securely attach your cutter to a cutting board, countertop, or wall, ensuring convenient and stable operation. With the provided four suction cup feet, you can easily relocate this fry cutter within your kitchen, as opposed to having it permanently affixed in a single position. The V-shaped design guarantees the potato’s stability within the cutter while you apply pressure to push it through the blades.

Item-French Fry Cutter Code-CUTTER-19124

Material-Base Stainless Steel Bar Material Chromium plated steel Grey Colour

Size-Bar Length 35cm Max Can Height 50cm Length 33cm Width 20.5cm

Installation-Table Mounted (Use Suction Cups)


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