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Butchers Twine Blue & White Polyester Polished Roll 1 x 425 Gram 560M/RL F1270401

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Coloured Butcher’s Twine comes in a blue/white combination and is food safe. Used broadly in the meat processing industry for its distinctive colour that allows easy identification. It has a high melting point and easy to knot. It is specially designed to avoid fraying when cut.  Butcher's twine is perfect for trussing poultry, tying roasts to ensure they keep their shape, securing stuffed meats, and tying off a bundle of herbs. Butcher's twine can also be used to tie off sausage or for smoking, drying, or curing meats.

Comes in 560m lengths, or 425g/spool with a tensile strength of 40kgf. Butchers twine is also used widely in the arts and crafts industry and is made from polished polyester.

Item-Butchers Twine Code-Twine-F1270401

Sold-1 x Roll 425 Gram


  • Used broadly in meatworks, Hospitality, Restaurant Food Preparation
  • Also used in arts/crafts industries

Material-Polyester Food Grade Polished  

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