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3 M Griddle Grill Polishing Pad 46 Scotch Brite Pack 20 Pads to Suit 461-3m Holder

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When you need a polished and clean griddle 3 M Scotch-Brite is the solution for your business kitchen  or BBQ at home.
Use between screen and holder to maximise screen life. Adds final polish to make future cleaning easier.

Aggressive cleaning pad that polishes the griddle surface while it cleans.

Item-3M Griddle Polishing Pad Code-GRID-46

Polish pad replaces scrapers and grill bricks that can disintegrate.

  • Abrasive minerals selected to provide remarkable scouring for griddle cleaning
  • Abrasive mineral particles evenly distributed throughout the pad to help ensure effective, consistent, and long lasting performance through the life of the pad
  • High quality bonding resin system designed to provide resistance to degradation from exposure to hot water, detergents and normal cleaning liquids
  • Aggressive, heavy duty and open pad construction to provide fast cleaning and multiple uses, resist clogging, and rinse clean easily
  • Heat resistant pad to allow for cleaning griddle at operating temperature throughout the day
  • This premium quality pad offers a fast and effective polishing power on griddles, grill and hot plates
  • Size of Pad 101x133mm
  • Use with the 3M Griddle cleaning system (461-3M)
  • Sold - Carton Quantity: 20 Pads 
  • Holder and screens sold separately 

Brand-3m Scotch-Brite 

Dishwasher safe -Yes

Origin-Made in Mexico 

Material-Fiber, Mineral and Resin

Delivery-Fast Shipping Australia Wide and New Zealand

Pick up-Non contact pick up available