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Invade Drain Insect Gel Bio 1 Litre Pest Control Cleaning Fruit & Vinegar Flies Vector 5

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The Invade Bio Cleaner Drain Gel eliminates tough grease and unpleasant drain odours at the source. The gel compound utilizes advance formula of microbes and citrus oil to coat drains, and cut through the scum and organic materials. Also the gel prevents costly blockages when used regularly and leaves your drain smelling like fresh citrus fruit. Please read product label before using, and keep the cleaning solvent away from toddlers and young children. Use gloves for cleaning is recommended. Perfect for sink use  in Pubs, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars and Function & Event spaces. 

– Concentrated drain liquid for controlling insects, fruit vinegar  flies and their eggs
– Keeps your establishment insect free

For best results, use Invade when drains will not be used for a period of time. We recommend treating drains at night.

- No harsh chemicals or odours
- For application directly to drains
- May apply to power sprayers, hose-end sprayers and mopping applications
- Works great in beverage fountain drip tray lines, dissolve dirt at the clog lines.

Item-Invade Fruit Vinegar Fly and Insect Killer-Code-Chem-Invade

Style-Gel Orange 

Size-1 lt /1000ml 

Use with Airomist spray to for complete control of flying insects and their eggs.


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